``What is learned and not shared is wasted.``

``Why`` Share the Learning?

Over the 48+ years of my business career (I started selling office equipment shortly after my 16th birthday in 1971), I have had the great fortune of learning from a myriad of people, some I know personally and many I’ve found or was introduced to in a never-ending search for knowledge. School did not work for me, but a constant “student mentality” has driven my reading, watching, and listening for many years.

My father had a lot to do with that, as he was happy to provide us with a vehicle at 16, just not willing to support it with gas and insurance. What he did was give us a place to work and teach us to be self-sufficient. Thanks, Dad. I am still using many of those tools today.

It became abundantly clear as we started APCO/EasyCare in 1984 that I would need to understand better everything from accounting and finance to leadership and corporate governance. What shocked me was that at 28 years old, I did not already know everything (which is clearly what I had thought when we started the business)! Only when I learned that I actually knew very little did it occur to me to really start opening up to watching, listening, and learning as much as I could and sharing whatever I learned with our team, partners, and customers to help everyone succeed (whatever success means to each individual).

“Share the Learning” is my attempt to give back and pay it forward for all the great gifts that were and are still being shared with me. The books I have read, the podcasts I have listened to, the videos I have watched, and the music that has moved me are shared here for anyone looking to learn from some of the best. Please take all you want and leave what you don’t… and please SHARE THE LEARNING here with suggestions to add to the site that others may have an opportunity to learn from.

Together, we make a powerful team helping others succeed!



Catfish Spirit and Symbolism

As I was reading Why Buddhism is True by Dr. Robert Wright, I was struck by the symbol of the catfish he had at the beginning of each chapter in the book. I loved the science behind his research, and as I kept reading, I kept wondering what those catfish were all about.

Well, I looked it up, and here’s what I found:

  • The catfish symbol and “animal spirit” indicate one is entering a period of growth, abundance, and prosperity. That all the hard work will soon pay off, and all the sacrifices will have been worth it. It reminds us to make the best of our situation right now. In other words, look at each situation as a gift and find all the spiritual and emotional growth we can find in it. Moreover, trust our instincts.
  • The catfish symbol signifies a transformation of the spirit. Everything we are going through takes us closer to where we should be, so the catfish means we should trust our journey and look forward to the future while enjoying the moment we are in.
  • It also asks us to discard what no longer serves us so that we can embrace something new. It reminds us to look for new things on the horizon that will benefit us and serve us best. In particular, we should embrace this moment, the present moment, as an opportunity for growth, emotional balance, and prosperity.
  • Catfish symbolism teaches us to know what is helpful and what is not. It’s about moving to a different place, surviving tough times, and making the best out of less-than-ideal situations.
  • The catfish has come to symbolize that we are now entering a period of emotional learning and self-discovery. I love this part because I’ve always believed we are constantly entering a period of learning and self-discovery.
  • The catfish symbolism asks us to keep an open mind to accept the lesson or lessons as they come. Moreover, the objective is for us to grow emotionally. Only then can we learn to live from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Catfish Totem, Spirit Animal:

  • In Japanese culture, this fish species has a gift for sensing and understanding emotional energies. People with the catfish totem animal essence are excellent communicators. They also have an affinity for the written and spoken word.
  • These people know how to make the best of any situation. Folks with the catfish totem also learn to seize any opportunity that presents itself. They know how to sift through the emotional waters to keep themselves balanced and grounded. Thus, they are comfortable with their emotions and know how to express them without laying blame.
  • They are not afraid of showing their feelings to those around them. They have a natural gift for prosperity in their life. However, they are pleased with what the universe supplies. They often have a “come what may” attitude that seems to land them squarely on their feet most of the time.

After reading all about catfish Symbolism, I decided to adopt this philosophy and symbol for the website as a reminder to be present, enjoy what we have, and always be open to learning, both mentally and spiritually.